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Animal worker kept her pets in filth for years

A charity worker from Harrogate had been keeping 3 dogs and 4 cats in her home for the past 10 years which was strewn with litter and mould to such extent that the officers who discovered the hovel were unable to stay inside for more than a minute without a gas mask.

Dorothy Harland, 58 who was a founding member of the Emergency Animal Rescue Service in Yorkshire, pleaded guilty to animal neglect.

When the officers went into the property, one of the animals – Charlie, a German shepherd cross leapt out and was closely followed by Bruno, a crossbreed but unfortunately he was too weak to escape and kept falling over. It was revealed that he has suffered a stroke a few days earlier and it was decided by vets to put him down.

The RSPCA advised that it is the worst house they had visited for 20 years and somebody who works for an animal charity should know better.

Harland who pleaded guilty to five counts of animal neglect was to complete 100 hours community service and placed under a 12 month supervision order and ordered to pay £200 of the £4000 the RSPCA have spent in bringing the case to court. It was also added that she is not to be able to keep pets for 10 years.

The two dogs and four cats have all been re-homed.

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