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Animal cruelty investigated

Figures have been released this week by the RSPCA which show that the highest number of people convicted for animal cruelty live in the north. Out of the highest offenders, Yorkshire and the North East took four of the top six positions.

In 2013 there was a total of 3961 convictions for cruelty to animals with the RSPCA achieving a 97.9% success rate in court. The majority of these (297) were in Greater London with the remaining in West Yorkshire (286), Durham (276), North Yorkshire (187) and East Yorkshire (179).

The RSPCA received just over 1.3 million calls in 2013 to their cruelty line which translated into 153,770 complaints of alleged cruelty being investigated by the RSPCA.

The figures highlight the need for the RSPCA to continue its work and for the public to be ever vigilant of any incident where they deem cruelty to animals has occurred. The RSPCA provides a vital and important role in society and does so as a charity reliant entirely on public donations.

The kindest places to animals were Cornwall (10), Shropshire (10), Herefordshire (9) and the Isle of Wight (4).

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