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Angler has rod stolen as he helps injured man

A Good Samaritan may have to make a claim on his angling insurance policy after his equipment was stolen as he helped an injured man.

The Daily Echo reports how Tony McCloskey came to the aid of a man that had been knocked over by a dog at Millhams Nature Reserve in Bournemouth.

"He was pouring blood out of his arm. I am ex-forces so I have a bit of medical training. I threw my rod down and went to help," the 44-year-old stated.

However, while Mr McCloskey was helping stem the blood loss and treating the wound, somebody made off with his fishing rod and reel.

The rod was worth £100 and Mr McCloskey expressed his "disgust" that an individual could steal his belongings while he was helping someone in distress.

Police have been informed of the incident and the victim is hoping a member of the public will come forward with information about the theft.

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