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Angler eats ‘record grayling’ for tea

Angler Dave Williams was fishing on the river Severn near Newtown in Wales when he got a bite using maggot hook bait. He ended up landing a 5lb grayling whilst fishing on a day-ticket while on holiday. ‘I had no idea where it stood compared to the British record, I was just chuffed to have caught such a beautiful grayling’ said Dave. Unfortunately, the fish was deep-hooked and although Dave tried his best to save the fish, it went ‘belly-up’, so ‘instead of throwing it back in the river to float away I took it home, chopped it into steaks and cooked it for dinner. It tasted lovely.’ Dave found out later on that his catch has beaten the previous record by 11oz: ‘I’m gutted. If I’d have known I would have kept the fish in my freezer and made a claim’. He added: ‘I hooked and lost an even bigger fish before I had the five-pounder, so I’ll definitely be back’.

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