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Amsterdam ‘number 1 cycle-friendly city’

Individuals looking for mountain bike insurance may want to consider visiting one of the top ten cities listed as being cycle-friendly.

The Calgary Herald describes how AskMen.com has listed the world’s most bike-tolerant areas.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands takes the top spot as the place for cycling, with 40 per cent of all commutes said to be carried out by this method of transport.

Meanwhile, Copenhagen follows close behind in second position with 32 per cent of residents travelling to work by bike.

Other cities mentioned include Bogota, Curitiba, Montreal, Portland, Basel, Barcelona and Beijing.

Trondheim in Norway completes the top ten with a novel way of encouraging cycling in a city were there are numerous large hills.

A number of bicycle lifts have been constructed that town the rider up an incline without them having to pedal.

In a separate article for the Herald, Julie Seibt recently encouraged holidaymakers to explore foreign climes via bike.

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