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Actor Jerry O’Connell renews wedding vows

Actor Jerry O'Connell may have invested in wedding insurance ahead of a ceremony to renew his vows on November 11th.

The Hollywood star reaffirmed his love for Rebecca Romijn on Friday, which was considered by many to be lucky due to the date reading the same backwards and forwards.

At 11:11 local time in New York City, the couple held a ceremony at 11th Street and 11th Avenue.

Following the celebration, O'Connell tweeted the news to his fans, explaining how the pair wore a piece of corduroy clothing as the material is significant to the date.

Describing their connection with the time and date, Romijn told Us Weekly: "Any time the clock says 11:11, we think of each other and our two daughters [Charlie and Dolly] and we usually text each other."

While O'Connell is known for his role in the film Stand By Me, his wife has starred in movies such as the X-Men trilogy and TV series Ugly Betty.

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