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Achieving wonderful wedding day photos

How to Achieve Wonderful Wedding Day Photos

Having almost finalised all your wedding plans the decision whether to hire a photographer or ensure the responsibility to a friend can be hard. If you have a friend with a high quality camera and a passion for photography then it can be tempting to cut costs and ask them to document your special day.

Meet Your Photographer in Person

If you decide to hire a photographer it’s important that you communicate clearly specifying your preferences and expectations. Ask to see a portfolio of their previous work to see if you like their style and decide whether you prefer natural photos or whether you would rather they were staged. Ask your photographer questions regarding backup equipment in the case of anything breaking on the day.

Prepare for Indoor Photos

If the ceremony is indoors then it’s critical that you make sure your camera has a good flash. Failing to capture the crucial ‘I do’ moment at the altar due to poor lighting is going to leave your bride and groom very disappointed.

Be Creative

Allow yourself to be creative, play with the colour settings on your camera. Black and white photos can draw out texture, drawing attention to the beauty of the dresses on the day. Similarly, they can also exaggerate the wedding emotions by contrasting dark with light.
Ultimately, if you are unsure about choosing a wedding photographer then ask your friends and family for recommendations, giving yourself a guarantee that they will produce good photos.

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