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A seven year old Hungarian Vizsla wins Crufts

A chocolate brown Hungarian Vizsla called Yogi has beaten 22,000 other dogs to win the coveted Best in Show prize at Crufts. The prize was of particular poignance to Yogi and his handler John Thirlwell as the seven-year old dog is retiring after the competition.

The dog was complimented on his ‘free’ and ‘powerful’ movement by the judges. Yogi, is the first Hungarian Vizsla to win the prize at the yearly event at the NEC in Birmingham. He competed against 22,000 dogs across 187 breeds during the four-day contest. In the final, seven dogs, one from each individual category battled it out. Second place, after Yogi, was given to a Scottish Terrrier called Rico.

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Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1258001/Crufts-2010-Yogi-Hungarian-Vizla-beats-22-000-doggy-contenders.html, 15th March 2010

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