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‘A rabbit is for life, not just for Easter’, says pet store

People who may need to take out pet insurance for a rabbit they plan to buy over the Easter period have been urged to carefully consider whether or not they can look after the animals properly.

The Big Pet Store in Hereward Rise has backed a campaign to raise awareness of what is required to look after bunnies, reports the Halesowen News.

As part of the Make Mine Chocolate campaign, those working in pet stores have been asked to offer chocolate animals instead of live ones.

The manager of the shop explained that many larger establishments purchase bulk orders of rabbits during this period.

However, he said the local sanctuary has an abundance of the animals, all of whom still need homes.

“Rabbits are the most neglected animal in Britain,” he commented.

Those who do want to get a rabbit may find it worth getting insurance for pets to ensure they can meet any vet bills incurred.

This comes after Debby Widdolf of the Best Friends Animal Society said in a blog for Care2.com that those who want a bunny should adopt a creature rather than purchasing one from a store.

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