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A cat survives four weeks in a frozen warehouse

A cat has been aptly named by the RSPCA as he survived four weeks in a freezing cold warehouse in Northamptonshire. Frosty the cat is thought to have eaten frozen peas and licked moisture off icy food packets in order to survive the -2C temperatures. The cat is a black and white tabby that is twelve months old. Even though Frosty survived his ordeal he has still suffered from frostbite and has had to have part of his ear and tail amputated.

Frosty is recovering at the RSPCA Woodside Animal Centre in Leicester. RSPCA worker Rachel Allcock said “when he came to us he was pretty shy, which isn’t surprising considering the ordeal he’d been through. He’s a lovely cat and he’s become very playful. We’re looking forward to his full recovery and getting him to his new home.”

It is thought that Frosty had been too scared to leave the warehouse when the big lorries came in due to the loud noise and rush of activity around the door.

A warehouse spokesperson said “We think he’d been in the warehouse for at least four weeks. He has been spotted on several occasions by staff but no-one could catch him. We have trucks coming in from all over. He could have come from anywhere. It’s extremely cold in there. We were surprised he survived. He’s a very lucky boy. He was very frightened and obviously freezing cold. One of the lads here has offered to re-home him, so he will take him home as soon as he is well enough. A lot of people were really concerned about him and wanted to know how he was getting on so we’re trying to organise a collection.”

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Source: www.northantset.co.uk/news/Frosty-the-cat-survives-four.6129635.jp, 6th March 2010

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