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£1billion warship handed over to Royal Navy

A brand new warship named Duncan has begun its journey to the Royal Navy HQ in Portsmouth. It has left the shipyard on the River Clyde in Scotland where it was built.

The ship, which is a type-45 Destroyer left Glasgow yesterday and will be commissioned when it reaches the Portsmouth Naval Base.

Duncan is the final ship to be made from a six-ship contract with the Ministry of Defence. The contract has been in place for 13 years and the other five ships are named Diamond, Daring, Dauntless, Dragon and Defender. This 6-ship strong fleet will serve the Navy until 2040.

Apparently, the ship was due to leave sometime last week but was postponed due to technical difficulties. Jennifer Osbaldestin, who is a type-45 programme director at BAE Systems said: ‘Duncan is an outstanding vessel and we are all extremely proud to see her begin her delivery voyage to Portsmouth. After a very successful build period, she will now become the newest asset in the fleet. When the White Ensign is raised she will be formally handed over to the Royal Navy and will join her sister ships, completing the class of highly capable and advanced type-45 destroyers.’

Some of the operations these warships take part in are missions such as anti-smuggling activity, anti-piracy, disaster relief work, surveillance and high-intensity war fighting.

The ship’s commanding officer, James Stride said: ‘HMS Duncan is a fantastic ship, offering a world-class air defence capability, and as we leave the Clyde I can reflect on the hard work from everyone involved in the build programme to get us to this significant moment. My team of Royal Navy personnel are all very keen to take full custody of the ship once she gets into Portsmouth and starts her training and trials prior to deploying around the globe, protecting our nation’s interests.’

It is thought by union leaders that the departure has highlighted the huge importance of partnership between shipyards throughout the UK. Jim Moohan, who is chair of the Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions and GMB Scotland senior organiser, said: ‘Immense credit is given to BAE Systems, the employees and the trade unions for total commitment.’

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