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  • Boats on the River Thames ‘must be registered’
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  • Boat owners may want to consider getting their vessels registered as well as taking out marine insurance, following a warning from the Environment Agency.

    People who keep their boats on the River Thames have been reminded that they could risk being fined if they fail to follow new laws that were introduced last month.

    Even if a vessel is not being used, it must be registered annually and have valid third party boat insurance if it has an engine.

    Angela Quayle, Thames Waterway manager from the Environment Agency, said: “The laws are clear and consistent and make it harder for people who try to avoid paying the charges.”

    Owners have until April 1st to get their paperwork completed and any boats found unregistered after this period may be removed.

    The new law came into effect on January 1st 2011 and any vessels displaying a registration plate will be covered until December 31st.

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